About Us

Meliora K is taking a fresh new look at cleaning products. Gone are the laundry lists of ingredients and complex chemical names.

Our vision is a clean, happy, and healthy home life for you - that doesn't rely on secret formulas and mysterious chemicals.

Made with everyday household products, Meliora K's products are effective, safe, and easy to reproduce. That's right, we're so confident in our product, we're giving you the recipes!

Buy from us or make it yourself at home! We want to change the clean product marketplace and increase awareness of what's in the things we use everyday.

Did You Know?

Cleaning products in the US are not required to list any ingredients. Meliora K. discloses every ingredient we use to help you make better decisions for your home and family.

No Frills Soap Bar

4 oz - fragrance-free soap bar. It doesn’t get much less frilly than this. This soa...

Details $ 3.99

Right Hand Laundry Powder - 20 Loads

NEW SIZE AND PACKAGING! 20 Loads for standard washers or 40 for High Efficiency mac...

Details $ 7.49

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Five Laundry Tips for Athletes

Don’t leave a sweaty ball of clothes in the hamper Leaving a pile of sweaty clothes balled up after a workout is easy.  However, it’s also a breeding ground for bacteria, which is what causes that “locker-room” smell.  Even if you’re not going to wash them right away, hang your workout clothes over the edge of the hamper (or washer) to let them air out. Ditch the Fragrance In order to make...

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Plastic pollution in waterways may be coming from your clothes

Sometimes it's easy to think of household appliances as magic boxes that simply do what we want - clean clothes, wash dishes, keep food cold - without any input or waste created. Of course, that's not true, and a washing machine is no exception. It requires energy and water to run, and it creates waste in the form of the dirty water that contains residues of laundry detergent, the dirt from our...

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Right Hand Laundry Powder - 64 Loads

New, reusable canister now available!  It's durable, refillable, and looks great.  B...

Details $ 13.99

Right Hand Laundry Powder - Travel Size

2 Loads for standard washers or 4 for High Efficiency machines. This travel-sized t...

Details $ 2.99

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